2017 Awardees

Best Clinical/Translational Sciences Award

Recipients: Wee Shiong Lim, Laura Tay, Yew Young Ding, Audrey Yeo, Suzanne Yew, Bernard Leung, Cher Heng Tan, Noor Hafizah, Mei Sian Chong

Title: 'Construct and predict validity of SARC-F as a risk assessment community screening tool for sarcopenia.'


Best Biomedical Sciences Award

Recipients: Danielle Debruin, Emma Rybalka, Craig Goodman, Alan Hayes

Title: 'The effects of vitamin D supplementation on skeletal muscle function and fatigue in sedentary and physically active mice.'

Best Poster Award

Recipients: Lachlan Thang, Jimmy Ky, Camilla Tuttle

Title: 'Inflammation and its association with muscle strength and muscle mass: a systematic review and meta-analysis.'