Membership Fees

$100 per year for professional members and $50 per year for in-training members.

Full Member

An individual seeking to become a full member would normally be expected to hold a recognised higher degree in a discipline related to the professional interests of ANZSSFR. Full members shall be elected (approved) by the Membership Committee upon completion of an application to join the Society setting out their qualifications and who, in the opinion of the Committee, are deserving of membership. A decision of the Committee in respect of any application for membership shall be final.

Annual fee: $100

Student / Member in Training

Members in training are STUDENTS currently undertaking work towards a degree or higher degree that includes, but is not limited to: BSc, BSc (Hons), BN, MBBS, Masters, PhD, FRACGP, FRACP, FRACS.

NB: post-doctoral fellows are not considered members in training.

The membership committee may elect as in-training members any member who is appropriately recognised by the Society as "in training". They shall be such persons who have made an application to join the Society, setting out their qualifications and career stage, and who, in the opinion of the Council, are deserving of membership.

This membership includes students in health professions, junior and advanced trainees in clinical specialties, students in any biomedical discipline, and students of allied health professions.

In-training members shall be entitled to all benefits of membership.

Annual fee: $50