Mission & Objectives

The Australian and New Zealand Society for Sarcopenia and Frailty Research is a professional, scientific and medical society that aims to bring together clinical, basic and translational scientists and clinicians to disseminate current knowledge of sarcopenia and frailty, along with deepening the understanding of bone, muscle and joint disease.

Our research on sarcopenia, osteoporosis and their combination, often culminating in disability and frailty, aims to identify, prevent and treat these conditions with the goal to translate evidence-based research and knowledge into clinical and real-world practice to better support older people in ageing well. We believe that understanding the links between sarcopenia, frailty and osteoporosis assists in designing research and improving interventions in clinical practice that may help older people to reduce their risk of disease and live independently and without disability into old age.

The objectives for which the Society is established are:

  • To arrange for and promote, foster, develop and assist the study of research in and, the acquisition, dissemination and application of knowledge and information concerning sarcopenia and frailty in all its aspects.

  • To promote improved standards of knowledge of muscle function and biology, biological mechanisms of sarcopenia and frailty, development of new biomarkers for sarcopenia and frailty, prevention of disability in sarcopenic and frail subjects, study of the mechanisms, clinical outcomes and treatments of osteosarcopenia, and all aspects of falls and fracture prevention.

  • To encourage, stimulate and foster interest in: a) musculoskeletal biology and function, sarcopenia and frailty amongst other interested persons including regional and international bodies; and b) promotion of networking collaborations nationally and internationally.

  • To encourage participation of scientists from Australia and New Zealand at the International Conference on Sarcopenia and Frailty and other related conferences.

  • To encourage and to assist and arrange for scientists, practitioners and others to travel abroad and promote scientific communication and exchange in the fields of muscle biology and function, sarcopenia and frailty.

  • To centralise, facilitate and promote the research agenda on all aspects of sarcopenia and frailty in Australia and New Zealand.

  • To advocate for the integration of sarcopenia and frailty in clinical practice across Australia and New Zealand.

  • To develop a research agenda for sarcopenia and frailty in Australia from a bench to bedside to community and back to bench perspective.

  • To promote translational research and clinical trials (investigator-initiated and industry-sponsored) on sarcopenia and frailty in Australia and New Zealand.