2016 Awardees

Best Clinical / Translational Science Award


recipient: Saliu Balogun

'Prospective Associations of Low Muscle Mass and Function with 10-year Falls risk, Incident Fracture and Mortality in Community-Dwelling Older Adults.’

Pictured: Saliu Balogun and Prof Gustavo Duque

Best Poster Award


Recipient: Esmee Reijnierse 

Esmee Reijnierse’s research is focused on sarcopenia, low muscle mass as a result of ageing. Loss of muscle mass with increasing chronological age is influenced by physical activity, nutrition and disease.

Pictured: Professor Gustavo Duque, left; Esmee Reijnierse, middle; Professor Andrea Maier, right

Best Biomedical Sciences Award

Recipient: Jonathan Davey

'Integrated transcriptome/proteome analyses of skeletal muscle growth: novel regulators of muscle attributes, and potential implications for sarcopenia.'

– J Davey, K Watt, B Parker, R Chaudhuri, J Ryall, L Cunningham, H Qian, V Sartorelli, M Sandri, J Chamberlain, D James, P Gregorevic

Most Published Member of AIMSS | 2016

Recipient: Dr David Scott

Presented at the inaugural Australian and New Zealand Conference on Sarcopenia and Frailty, 11-12 November 2016.